Netflix Free Trial

Here we offer you some ways to get a netflix free trial account for everyone free and legal.

Watch Netflix free

It is easy to make a guide of the methods most used by all Internet users when watching movies and series free on Netflix , however we go much further and at the end of the post we will show you a hack technique so you can access the content Of Netflix whenever you want, without having to pay and even without having to create an account.

You can use the account to watch films, series and best documentaries on Netflix.

The most used methods when watching Netflix free in 2017

This mini-guide is for you to compare and choose the option that suits you to have free access to the content of this movie website.

Create 30-day free account

On the official website of Netflix, we will see that they are always offering all users a free trial that lasts 30 days, which is great to check if you really like or do not like Netflix.


However, to create the free account we must put the credit card number (although this is not a problem, because we will not be charged anything)

The disadvantages of the 30 day trial

The only drawback of this option is that we will only have Netflix for 30 days , which, if we want to continue to see it we will have to start paying it.

Or create another free account for a month, however, it is easy to get caught, and we will also have to enter a new credit card every time we want to do it again.

Sharing a Netflix account

Although it can not be said that this is a free option, it is true, that there are many people who share the account and saves good money.

Also you can try to  use these methods for Netflix free trial.

Thanks to the alternative news site emagtrends


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