Best Movies on Netflix

Come over the weekend and open Netflix. You look for trends, different genres and in that you discover that you have spent more time looking for than seeing. That’s why I’ve put together this list of recommended, all great movies you can find on Netflix and you’ll surely enjoy it.

They are films of the last years that are available in the platform at the time of the writing of this article. There is something for everyone! Also you can watch the best documentaries on Netflix.

A Way Home (Lion) – 2016

Smashing true story about a child, Saroo, who gets lost in the streets of Calcutta and ends up being adopted by an Australian family. Far from easy low blow, this film talks about the pursuit of identity and is a powerful plea for adoption. A poignant film that shows the drama of children lost in India, but through its characters also remembers that human nobility exists.

With Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel and the extraordinary child Sunny Pawar.  It obtained six nominations to the Oscar.


Until the Last Man (Hacksaw Ridge) – 2016

Mel Gibson’s triumphant return to the direction to tell the true story of Desmond Doss, a young man who decided to go to fight Japan during World War II but without touching a weapon. This tearful drama deserves to be seen by the powerful and amazing of its history but, yes, it is not suitable for impressionable (believe me, there is much, much blood).

With Andrew Garfield, Vince Vaughn and Teresa Palmer.  It obtained six nominations to the Oscar and took the statuette by Better Assembly and Better Sound.


Nebraska – 2013

An old man is convinced that he won a millionaire prize despite everyone telling him it’s a hoax. Her obstinacy stems from a delirious family trip to Nebraska, an adventure filled with wrong and intelligent humor. A “serious comedy”, in black and white that is worth every minute. Safety pin.

With Bruce Dern and Will Forte, directed by the well-known Alexander Payne (“Between Copas”, “The descendants”). He received six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, Screenplay and Direction.


He even has your eyes – 2017

A very good comedy to enjoy an entertaining time and, incidentally, to have a different view of things. Here a couple of Afrofranceses decides to adopt, but the boy that they assign them turns out to be blond of celestial eyes. Prejudices, family conflicts and social stereotypes are put to the test, always in the mood.

It is a co-production between France and Belgium. The trailer is only subtitled in English, but in Netflix you will find it subtitled in Spanish.


Sand Storm (Sufat Chol) – 2016

If you feel like watching a different drama, this Israeli movie is for you. The film is a cultural journey into the life of a Bedouin family who goes into crisis when the father of the family marries his second wife. The first one feels displaced and her daughter must fight between fleeing with a man from another tribe rejected by his father or resigned to a arranged marriage.

It is an original production of Netflix, so it is the only one that surely will not remove. The trailer is only subtitled in English, but in Netflix you will find it subtitled in Spanish.


The invitation – 2015

If you are looking for one of terror but you are tired of seeing haunted houses and supernatural events attacking teenagers, this independent movie will love you. A group of friends in their forties meets after two years after being invited by a woman – the former of the protagonist – that shows a strange behavior. The film is weaving a rarefied atmosphere that has you trapped from beginning to end.

With Logan Marshall-Green, the protagonist of “The meeting of the devil”, although here is unrecognizable.


The skin I inhabit – 2011

Could this Almodóvar film be said to be one of horror? Yes, a thriller with dose of terror. A well-known plastic surgeon lives in a mansion with a mysterious young woman whom he keeps locked up and guarded in a room. The darkness is not in the images but in the aberrant facts that happen. Of course: what has original has it twisted. Extraordinary and unexpected ending … but only if you want to see a strong movie.

With Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya. Nominated for 16 Goya Awards, she took 4, in addition to BAFTA for Best Non-English Film.


To the highest bidder (La migliore offerta) – 2013

An intriguing film that tells the story of an art expert who dedicates his life to his passion for collectibles until an auction in the mansion of an intriguing young woman shakes his tranquility. The perfect blend of drama, comedy and suspense, framed in Italy and its beautiful works of art. A neat, intelligent and catchy film.

With Geoffrey Rush and Donald Sutherland. Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, the same as “Cinema Paradiso”. The film won six Donatello David Awards, including Best Film.


The code Enigma (The imitation game) – 2014

Impossible to resist this film that tells the true story of Alan Turing, a mathematician who, during World War II, helped the Allies to decipher an encrypted code to understand the messages intercepted to the Nazis. A brilliant film from beginning to end, deep and transcendent.

With Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley. It obtained eight nominations to the Oscar.


Under the sun 2015

Wanting to see a documentary? Then I recommend this. Russian director Vitaly Mansky asked permission to film the life of a typical North Korean family and the film is the result of what he achieved: a perfectly scripted ideal life. Excellent look that defies North Korean hermeticism and evidence the effects of propaganda in a brutal way. We have to see it.

It is a co-production between Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia and … North Korea (the North Korean government was one of the producers of the film, but objected when they saw the final result). The trailer is only in English, but on Netflix you will find it subtitled in Spanish.

If you need a Netflix free trial there are many ways.

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